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Mark Betts Hair Education have been a leading provider in the delivery of hairdressing NVQ’s for a number of years, using the teams wealth of over 150 years combined experience. A wide range of courses are on offer influenced by national trends and techniques. Whatever your requirements you will find a course to inspire, improve and influence your skill.




Apprenticeships have been around for hundreds of years and are the best way to train and learn practical skills required within a career such as Hairdressing or Barbering whilst earning a minimum wage of at least £4.15 per hour.


As a Hair Apprentice with Mark Betts Hair Education there are flexible delivery options available:

  • The most favoured option is a day release basis, where you are employed in a salon for 4 days per week and attend Mark Betts for your Training and Assessment 1 day per week.


  • An alternative option is to be employed in a salon for 5 days per week where most of your learning takes place; an Assessor from Mark Betts will then visit you in the workplace to carry out your assessments.


You will be creating an excellent foundation for your career.


The Apprenticeship Standard will help you to gain the professional knowledge, skills and behaviour that you will need for your future career. This is a method that involves you learning both in the classroom and on the job, and it may involve a qualification.

We've included links below that describes the key relationships between the apprentice, the employer and the training provider. Remember, it takes a lot of consistent and dedicated effort to reach the successful completion of an apprenticeship. You will rely on both your training provider and your employer to reach the end. You will work with both of these groups as you prepare for your End-point Assessment. 

You will learn both theory and practical knowledge that will create the foundation for your career. It's important to know there are three stages of the Apprenticeship Standard which are known as 1) On-Programme, 2) Gateway and 3) End-point Assessment. 












The Apprenticeship Framework includes:


  • Hairdressing or Barbering NVQ Level 2
  • Employment Rights and Responsibilities
  • Functional Skills in English and Maths at Level 1



Advanced and Creative Hair Professional Apprenticeship


As a hairdressing or Barbering Advanced Apprentice, you will be employed as a stylist and be wanting to gain further skills and learn the current fashion techniques. At the end of this programme you will gain more confidence and skills, enabling you to offer more creative and advanced styles in your place of work.


As an Advanced Hair Apprentice with Mark Betts Hair Education there are flexible delivery options available:


  • The most favoured option is to be employed in a salon where most of your learning takes place, an Assessor from Mark Betts will then visit you in the workplace to carry out your assessments.


  • Another option is day release basis, where you are employed in a salon and attend Mark Betts for your training and assessment one evening per week.



Information for Parents and Guardians


What parents/guardians of an apprentice need to know
Every apprentice will need the support of their family, friends or support network to successfully achieve their apprenticeship. This may mean a new way of scheduling their time or thinking about their priorities throughout the week. Working and studying at the same time takes commitment and dedication, and at times they will need your help and encouragement as they adjust to find work- life-balance. Most importantly they will need someone to:
‹ Share in their excitement about their new endeavour
‹ Encourage them to keep on top of their studies
‹ Keep accurate records that support their apprenticeship ‹ Maintain a commitment to learning
‹ Practice their communication skills as much as possible
‹ Help them to gain control of their nerves before their assessments ‹ Share with them stress management techniques that work for you ‹ Support them in their pursuit of their dream job
Here are some helpful links for resources:
Become an Apprentice (Gov.uk)
A parent’s guide to apprenticeships (National Apprenticeship Service)
The essential guide to apprenticeship support (National Apprenticeship Service) National Apprenticeship Service Calendar of Events
National Career Services: Hairdresser
Ten very convincing reasons to be a hairdresser














Private Hairdressing Courses 


Private Hairdressing courses which can be tailored to the individual and their requirements, various courses are available from qualifications to refresher courses.



Price dependent on individual requirements


 Assessors Award


Price £700




Study Programme


The Study Programe could be for you if you are between 16 and 18 years old and feel the need to build on your study skills, experience and confidence before progressing to an Apprenticeship, full time employment or further education.


The programme involves you attending one of our academy centres and gaining work expereince in a salon. Hours of attendance will be a minimum of 16 per week.


Whilst on programme you will develop your Personal and Social Development Skills along with Hairdressing Skills and if required Functional Skills.


14-16 Programmes


We deliver different programmes to 14-16 year olds alongside GCSE studies at school which are listed below. To access these programmes you need to be referred by your school, as they will require you to take either half a day or a full day away from school to one of our academy centres.


  • Level 1 Certificate in Hairdressing
  • Level 2 Certificate in Hairdressing 


Programmes for Unemployed Adults


If you are aged 19 or over, unemployed and claiming benefits you can access our classroom based courses for adults.


  • Level 2 Certificate in Womens Hairdressing – a course of 283 learning hours, currently delivered with attendance of 12 hours per week for 24 weeks. This course covers client consultation, shampooing, cutting and styling.
  • Level 2 Certificate in Barbering – a course of 139 learning hours, currently delivered with attendance of 9 hours per week for 16 weeks. This course covers client consultation and gents cutting.




For further details on any of our courses please contact Nikki on 07947758223





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